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List of Presentations


1. The Influence of Polyphenols and other Dietary Components on Iron Absorption by Intestinal Cells

Abd. Rashed ASWIR, University of Surrey, U.K.


2. Lycopene assessment of tomatoes and tomato products commercially available in Greece, by a spectrophotometric assay

Maria BABAJIMOPOULOS, Alexandrion TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece


3. Adhesion to the Mediterranean Diet in Spain. Evolution During the past two Decades

Anna BACH, Mediterranean Diet Foundation, Spain


4. Traditional foods consumption and cardiovascular risk factors in Moroccan Sahraoui women

Rekia BELAHSEN, Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco


5. Towards an Israeli National Program for Obesity Prevention

Elliot BERRY, Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical School, Israel


6. Fatty acids composition of worldwide olive oils and theirs deviations from International Standards limits

Efi CHRISTOPOULOU, Ministry of Development, Greece


7. The Health Benefits of Grapes, Red Wine and Resveratrol

Matina CHRONOPOULOU, Center of Natural Medicine, Greece


8. Relationship between the Mediterranean Diet Score and the body mass index among middle-aged women in the North Mediterranean area of Croatia

Olga CVIJANOVIC, University of Rijeka, Croatia


9. Carotenoids Content of Key Portuguese Vegetables in the Mediterranean Diet

Graca DIAS, Instituto Nacional de Saude Dr. Ricardo Jorge - INSA, Portugal


10. Alcohol, Wine and the prevention of cardiovascular disease and mortality

Dr Augusto Di CASTELVUNO, Catholic University, Italy


11. The flavone, flavonol and flavan -3- ol contect of the Greek traditional diet, Greece

Vardis DILLIS, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece


12. Survival and evolution of the Mediterranean diet through local-food quality and authentication

Georgios FRAGKIADAKIS, Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece


13. Technological Education Institute students in Crete prefer to drink wine but they do not follow Mediterranean diet

Georgios FRAGKIADAKIS, Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece


14. Existence of bioactive compounds with antiatherogenic properties in wines and musts: A new approach for the explanation of "French paradox".

Elisabeth FRAGOPOULOU, Harokopio University, Athens, Greece


15. Fish Intake and Metabolic Syndrome In Elderly Coronary Patients

Johanna M. GELEIJNSE, Wageningen University, The Netherlands


16. Evaluation of free radical scavenging capacity during aging of Xinomavro and Agiorgitiko Greek wines

Efimia HATZIDIMITRIOU, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


17. Application of Mediterranean Diet Scoring to a one year study with a portfolio of heart healthy components including almonds

Colleen JOICE, Almond Board of California, Belgium


18. Polyphenolic composition of Greek young red wines

Stamatina KALLITHRAKA, National Agricultural Research Foundation, Greece


19. Adherence of the diet of institutionalised Greek children to dietary guidelines

Eleni KAVOUSANOU, Alexandrion TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece


20. Olive oil the main constituent of the Mediterranean diet: A functional lipid food

Apostolos KIRITSAKIS, Alexander Technological Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece


21. Investigation of Methanol Concentration in Tsipouro Produced at Traditional Small-Scale Distilleries

Maria KOLIATSOU, Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece


22. Mediteranean diet and cultural nutrition in the past, present and future

Athanasios LABROPOULOS, Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece


23. Interactions between gene polymorphisms and response to diet in the Medi-Rivage study

Denis LAIRON, INSERM Unit 476, France


24. The Mediterranean Diet in an Age of Slow Food and Organic Tendencies

Arthur LIZLE, Bridgewater State College, USA


25. Psysicochemical, microbiological and nutritional characteristics of traditional cheese Tyraki of Tinos

Theofilos MASSOURAS, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece


26. Choresterol content of greek dairy products

Theofilos MASSOURAS, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece


27. Optimum Nutritional Health & Acid/Alkaline Body Balance

Antonia MOUTAFI, On Earth, Greece


28. The study of Iodine Concentration In Human milk Tehran city health care centers

Habibolah NAZEM, Payame Nour University, Iran


29. Fruit and vegetable intake and the risk for developing coronary health disease

Maja NICOLIC, Faculty of medicine, Yugoslavia


30. The Promotion of Mediterranean Diet (MD)

George PACHIADAKIS, Simeion, Germany


31. The Mediterranean Eating in Scotland Experience (MESE) project: follow up evaluation of an internet – based, tailored intervention promoting the Mediterranean diet in Scotland

Angeliki PAPADAKI, University of Crete, Greece


32. Lupin: an ancient legume currently utilized in Europe and future prospects

Evdoxia PAPALAMPROU, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


33. Olive oil and walnut meals decrease the inflammatory response in mononuclear cells compared with butter meal during postprandial state in healthy men.

Francisco PEREZ – JIMENEZ, Hospital Universitario Reina Sofia, Spain


34. Nutrition in Greece, Poland and Hungary and the role of wine

Maria PETHO, University of Kodolanyi Janos, Hungary


35. Eco - Agritourism as a Means to Preserve Culture and the Environment

Nikki ROSE, Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries, Greece


36. Changes of antiradical and reducing properties of Greek white and red wines with ageing: correlation with phenolic composition

Maria - Ioanna SALACHA, National Agricultural Research Foundation, Greece


37. Mediterranean Diet and Traditional Foods in Portugal

Mariana SANTOS, Instituto Nacional de Saude Dr Ricardo Jorge – INSA


38. The Mediterranean diet: could it have evolved for sun – protection?

Nina SHAPIRA, Tel Aviv Univ. Ramat Aviv.


39. "├Ćuzo in Mediterranean Diet and Culture"

Zorica STOJANOVSKI,  Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece


40. Fast Food Consumption Questionnaire Using Corcumin Blood Level and 3-Day. 

Reema TAYYEM, The Hashemite University , Jordan


41. A pilot study to Validate Curcumin Consumption Questionnaire Using Curcumin Blood Level and 3-Day

Reema TAYYEM, The Hashemite University, Jordan


42. Dietary Risk Factors for Osteoporosis in Elderly Greek Women

Evangelia TOTTI, Alexandrion TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece


43. Wine and Virgin Olive Oil: The parallel lives of the two noble liquids of the Mediterranean Diet

Maria TSIMIDOU, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


44. Wine Production in Sirince and its contribution to the Tourism Industry

Nuray TURKER, Zonguldak Karaelmas Uniersitesi Safranbolu Vocational College


45. Eating habits of today and the Mediterranean diet

Maria – Despina VARAKLA, Athens Medical Group, Greece


46. The Definition of Traditional Foods

Effie VASILOPOULOU, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece


47. Correlates of adherence to the cardioprotective Mediterranean diet among men and women in a rural Greek population

Stella VERDOS, James Madison University, USA


48. Destination Health: Effective PR Campaigns that Capitalize on the Benefits of the Meditarranean Diet and How to Communicate it to the Media/Public

Athina VORILLAS, The Athens Tourism and Economic Development Agency, Greece


49. Mediterranean Diet, Sunshine and Coronary Heart Disease

Alfred WONG, Xymega Corporation, Canada


50. Endogenous Amphiphiles of Virgin Olive oil: Activity and Structure

Aristotelis XENAKIS, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece 



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